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Hazrat Syed Ishaq Shah passed on 27th March 2009.

29th Rabi-ul-Awal

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Urs Taqreeb 10th June 2012 (Videos)





“In their histories there is certainly a lesson for men of understanding.”
The Holy Quran 12:111

Belief and wisdom are twin brothers; Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala accepts not the one without the other.


Shrine of Hazra Syed Pir Azmat Shah Shaheed ( known commonly as Shaheed Baba ) is Rata Par and located 14 Kilometer away from Abbottabad towards Thandiani. The place is also known as Khuthwaal. It is about 8000 ft. The beautiful place is in between mountain range of Karakoram and is  part of Thandiani and , its geographical coordinates are 34° 11' 40" North, 73° 21' 50" East.

Shaheed Baba preached and spread the message of Islam during the turbulent times in South Asia and fought against non muslim  for Islam.

Hazrat Syed Pir Ishaq Shah is the one who's was a mission of spraying the Message of Allah Almighty, of refuting hypocrites, disbelievers and heretics, of helping destitute, and solving common problems of Muslims.

The Last days he passed in favorite  place  Maari Sharif located in Jhafar , a village located 13 Kilometer away from Abbottabad towards Murree and Nathia gali. The beautiful village is in between mountain range of Karakoram.

The Allah Lovers (Alive or passed) always choose those places where a normal human reach  is difficult.


Hazrat Syed Shah Sultan Badshah

 Maari Sharif on every Sunday & in Rata Par on every Thursday

Videos of Urs Taqreeb 10th June 2013

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Al- haaj Abdul Rehman Sb.

Khalifa-e-Qalandar-e-Lasani Razay elahi se apne khaliq-e-haqiqi se ja mile.

Namaz-e-janaza 11/1/2014 4PM

Aziz bang sarbhana mai ada hogi


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